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Aries Services, industry professionals in the delivery of site support logistics, construction site security, surveillance and labour.

Aries Services can deploy anywhere in the UK. We are self sufficient, using our own bespoke mobile security offices and generators we are able to establish an independent security presence on your sites whether they are situated in England, Scotland or Wales. 

Norfolk is home to Aries Services who provide dedicated and well trained staff for all construction labour duties, from security and surveillance to groundwork and plant operatives and cleaning and waste management.

We've more than ten years experience supplying services to the construction industry, and many other companies depend upon our ability to deliver trusted and able staff time after time, whatever the need. Aries Services offers a complete package, from our permanent workforce of over thirty qualified and licensed staff dedicated to construction site security, to our team of skilled labour and cleaning personnel.

Talk to Aries Services today and we'll show you how your next project can benefit from Aries Services expert knowledge and experience.

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Call us on 01553 840842. Aries Security web site: www.aries-security.com | Vacancies

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